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Cutter Dredger - SHD8-1000

SHG Cutter Dredger (2)_page-0001.jpg


1. High Efficiency

Pump located near to the cutter head and sand bed, thereby improving efficiency of dredging operation. 

2. Ease of Transportation

Dredger parts are modular and can be packed into containers for transportation and assembled on site. For subsequent mobilization to another site, it can be dismantled and packed into containers again. 

3. Easy to Operate


Pontoon Overall Length

Ladder Raise

: 20.0m

Length of Pontoon

: 11.8m


: 5.10m


: 1.26m

Minimum Working Draught

: 0.80m

Maximum Dredging Depth

: 8m     

Total dry Weight

: 55Mt 

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