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Crompton Mammoth Inc. 

ISO Back Pull-Out Centrifugal Pumps

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CM - ISO end suction, back pull-out pumps are the result of our intensive R&D programs. All models are versatile and reliable multi-purpose pumps designed with many advanced features to achieve higher performances. 

Designed to international ISO 2858 standard, the CM-ISO back pull-out pumps conform to strict dimensional specifications, ensuring sturdy and durable constructions. Common problems in hevy duty applications viz. shaft deflection, bearing failure and excessive wear are eliminated. 

All pumps are tested to 24 bar pressure with working pressure up to 16 bar. 

Optional item such as mechanical seals, wear rings, shaft sleeves and oil lubricated bearings can easily be fitted to meet different application requirements. 

These pumps are ideal for pumping liquid in applications such as building services, mining processes, power generating systems, fire protection, civil engineering and general mechanical services. 

Advanced Features

1. Impeller 

    Enclosed, hydraulically and statically balanced impeller, designed to give

    maximum efficiencies and suction lift. Constructed with clearing vanes on the

    back to reduce axial thrust, protect packing and shaft from wear by abrasive


2. Casing

    High efficiency volute type with self-venting centre line discharge. Anti-swirl

    vanes on the suction end to ensure stability of head. High strength casting to give

    working pressure of up to 16 bar. 

3. Back cover

    The back cover provides the face contact between housing and casing making the

    pump a rigid, integral structure. An innovative O-ring seal ensures a positive, leak-

    proof connection.

4. Extra Deep Stuffing Box

    Fitted with six packing rings, more than any other pumps. The split gland

    facilitates easy packing replacement. Mechanical seals can also be easily fitted. 

5. Bearings

    Two extra-large, heavy duty grease-packed bearings designed to give long,

    trouble-free life. Both are well protected from external contamination. 

6. Shaft 

    Sturdy, oversized stainless steel shaft minimises deflection and provides longer,

    reliable service. 

7. Housing

    Rigidly cast single piece housing gives maximum strength and longer service life. 

Technical Data


Material of Construction

Performance Curve

CM Pump Catalog_page-0003_edited.jpg
CM Pump Catalog_page-0003_edited.jpg
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