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SH Series - Submersible High Head Pump

Structures and characteristic

The body of motor and pump is made of hard cast iron for long-lasting durability.

Greatly increased maximum submersion depth due to mechanical seal resistant to high pressure.

Hydraulic part under the motor and motor cooled by the pumped water for safe operation also with the pump only partially immersed.

The top outlet design maximize the space.

Hermetically sealed motor equipped.

Discharge 100mm(4”) to 200mm(8”), motor 22kW(30HP) to 110kW(150HP).

Motor is dry type submersible induction motor(2 poles).

  • Deep-well pre-dewatering or high-head dewatering

  • Civil engineering and construction works

  • Mines, quarries, coal ore & slurries

  • Sewage treatment plants

  • General pumping purposes

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